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​How to spell unity
Linda Wegner

A definite advantage of this pandemic situation is the number of ways in which we are learning more and more about unity; I know there are riots and protests, but I’m talking about our town and, in particular, our local neighbourhood. We’re always checking on and sharing with one another.

Sharing from “B to G to Z “is today’s theme but lest you think isolation really has caught up with me, let me explain. First, B is manifest in shared baking and especially, bread making. When I ordered a new bread maker four months ago, I had no idea how popular the hobby and/or the practice of making one’s own would become. Now, nearly four months later, I finally got possession of one this week. 

Skipping over to Z, here’s another recent craze i.e., that of whipping up all sorts of things made from Z. Yes, zucchini. After starting this article, a neighbour phoned to say she had 15 big ones and she wondered if I’d take some. I took a few; now, the aroma of loaf cakes is tantalizing.

Stuck in between B and Z is G. Gardens. Although our garden is modest, last evening everything except the meat came from the back yard. So abundant are peoples’ vegetable patches that I can’t even give things away. Not to be missed is another B, tasty beets are on the menu for supper.

Where does unity fit into our daily walk? God’s word emphases the importance of a heart that is right with Him and a relationship of unity with fellow believers and neighbours. All unique individuals, we’re called to love, nurture and value one another.

“And this is his commandment, that we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment.” 1 John 3
July 20, 2020