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An ironing board for Christmas
©Linda Wegner

Had it been in my power, I’d have given you three Christmas gifts. Under the tree you’d have found a lovely new ironing board and two new irons; the first, a state-of-the-art steam version and the second, one of those heavy cast iron, Little House on the Prairie types. No, I’m not teetering near insanity – it’s just that mine have been such a godsend.

My ironing board is set up downstairs, away from the TV and the phone. It’s a place I go to be quiet, to think, to pray and to sort out my week’s tumbled thoughts. I thought you would like one, too.

That heavy cast iron model is necessary for those more pressing issues. I mean, life can throw some stubborn wrinkles into our plans and it takes more than hot air to straighten them out. Tough issues demand tough responses.

The steam version is great for relaxation: there is simply no brain-strain involved in ridding shirts of wrinkles (except, perhaps, in trying to make my aging machine produce consistent steam). I pile items so as to get a variety of projects without the bother of thinking - tablecloths here, pillowcases next pile, shirts (one pile for his, one for mine) and so on. Here a hankie, there a hankie….

My ironing board has always been the entrance to my quiet place and I’ve got your best interests at heart, honest! Besides, there’s a secret sense of pride that comes when someone exclaims with awe: “You mean you iron your dish towels!” Just smile, exhibiting a subtle hint of modesty of course, and mutter some incomprehensible drivel. People will think you amazing, close to sainthood, in fact.

“Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul,” (Psalm 131:2 wrote the Psalmist.  

I wonder if David used steam or cast iron? – I need both!
Dec. 24, 2017