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Come on, ring those pots
By Linda Wegner

“Come on, ring those bells…” Does anyone else remember these words to a Christmas song? I recall them often, but this week the bouncy melody has acquired new words. Here’s the opening line of my version: “Come on, bang those pots…”. Like it? So do I, as well as a number of folks in our neighbourhood block.

In the midst of this pandemic, self-isolation and sometimes self-quarantine, is essential;necessary or not, it’s pretty lonesome. Banging pots becomes a means of showing support for others and supplying strength for ourselves. Here are a couple of points to consider.

Initially, and still foremost in our efforts, is a desire to show our corporate support for so many essential workers. Pots are so insignificant but it seems that’s the only way we can express our heart-felt appreciation for all those who put all they are and have into our safety and well-being. Only consolation for me is that a hospital worker lives across the street and she’s gotten the message. Oh yes, my special friends, the bus drivers -they hear and honk in return.

The other dominant and vitally important reason for our raucous behaviour every evening at 7:00, is to connect with neighbours. At first there were three homes involved but now a good number of homes on our Maple Avenue block have become part of our noisy activity.

Last evening I heard, then saw, several folks from another block up the street who’d joined us. Along with these additional folks have come additional “instruments”: lids and wooden spoons; horns; hockey sticks beating the sidewalk and, bongo drums. Welcome and yahoo
Though I certainly won’t try to compare this to heaven, I have a better understanding of what John wrote in Revelations:

“…the sound of a great multitude…saying, ‘Alleluia. For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!’
April 6, 2020