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I call it care
By Linda Wegner

I admit that there are some weeks when I struggle to find something to share with my readers. Because I am picky, I want that “something” to convey a specific message without coming across as “preachy” or high-minded. Not so this week; in fact, as I sit in front of this screen, I’m struggling to decide what to include and want to omit.

Last week I mentioned two gentlemen contributed to our granddaughter’s piggy bank savings. Two others heard about it and handed me nearly $3 this week. I’m almost embarrassed that I talked about our “project” but I’m also very thankful for the kindness of these folks.

Two other happy events took place this week: one son arrived home from a Coast Guard stint; then, the other son and his wife left for a much needed and deserved holiday.

Definitely most dramatic for me, this took place on New Year’s Day. Because Hubby had gone on his walk and other family members were busy, I decided to drive to town for my daily cup of tea (no bus service on New Year’s Day). On the way, I narrowly escaped what could have been a deadly collision. There was no other traffic on the road and the light was yellow but fortunately I stopped. Racing down the steep hill leading to that light was the wheel that had fallen off a truck a block away. It screamed past me, ending up charging down a hill to the ocean side. Shaken to the core, I was able to drive up to the owner of the truck who was no less traumatized than I. I was able to take him to get help, then proceed to get my tea while praising God for His protection.

Call it what you may, I call it God ‘s Wonderful Care.
Jan. 6, 2020