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If I perish, I perish
By Linda Wegner

As I continue my daily Bible reading, I’ve just finished reading the book of Esther. Honestly, I found it a welcome change from the huge lists of people, their names and details of their responsibilities. Having said that, I also derived some much-needed encouragement and inspiration from this lovely and powerful lady. Here’s background information.

Esther, a Jewish lady and the adopted cousin of her relative Mordecai, had not revealed her nationality; after all, the Jews were hated across the entire 127 provinces ruled by King Ahasuerus. Interestingly, he chose her for her beauty, inside and out, to be his wife. Daily she demonstrated poise, wisdom and discernment.

Then, there was Haman, a man as power-hungry and nasty as they come. I won’t share all the details of his conspiracy except to say that he had devised an horrific plan to eliminate all the Jews. He had gallows built for the purpose of killing Mordecai and he had coerced the King into declaring death sentences on the entire Jewish population. Here’s where Esther comes in.

Again, I’ll have you read all the details yourself but Esther used her God-given wisdom to have Ahasuerus revoke his declaration. Haman ended up dying on his own gallows and Mordecai was advanced to a place of power in the kingdom.

What really struck me, however, were Esther’s words when she was to go unbidden before the King to plead the cause of the Jewish people, (a potentially life-destroying action). Following her widespread call for prayer and fasting, she spoke these words: If I perish, I perish! (Esther 4:16)

In taking a stand for Jesus Christ, we can use those same words in one of two ways: first, as reason for quitting, or as an act of faith and courage.

May we stand firm for Christ, not resign in defeat.
July 12, 2021