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Lord did it rain
Linda Wegner

Lord, did it rain! So hard, in fact, that it’s hard to recall that just weeks ago we were praying for the wet stuff. Over this past weekend, at least here in coastal British Columbia, we’ve had the same amount of rain normally experienced in the month of October in just the past couple of days. Moderation seems to be out of style.

For me, at least, moderation isn’t always the easiest thing. Here’s one example to which I often refer (probably too often!). Even on days like today when rain is teeming down in buckets, everything in me craves my specialty tea. Sure I make tea at home but this, along with the smiles and chats with staff and acquaintances, keeps me heading into town and through the drive-through source of my favourite brew. 

As trivial as this may seem, thoughts of moderation became my internal theme for this week’s article. What does God say about moderation? Are there areas where it’s commanded? Other instances where we are to be liberal or even extravagant in how we operate? 

We definitely are exhorted to “pray without ceasing”. Now that doesn’t mean that we are commanded to spend hours physically kneeling (although reading in church history, there were men and women who literally did this on a daily basis). As we go about our daily responsibilities, however, our thoughts can be centred on asking God for His help both personally and for others. I find myself unconsciously doing that during the day and often waking in the night praying.

As we learn to pray like that, we can forgive and love more freely. Even abundantly. God, in turn, is even more extravagant in His relationship with us! “Casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you….”

“Let your gentleness be known to all.”

Oct. 18, 2021