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Love on the lid
Linda Wegner

Although I’ve always been an outgoing person, during this past year I’ve gone out of my way to encourage everyone I meet. Mask-wearing has made the adventure even more interesting since I’m never quite sure I’m talking to.

Just yesterday I met a gentle man and, I assumed, his mother who was walking beside him, using canes. “Good morning,” I said, and then gave them a big smile. They were obviously surprised and asked if they knew me. “No, I responded,” I figure that everyone needs a smile these days.” Thrilled at their response and their reassurance that they would pass along the greeting to someone else, I was thoroughly gratified. It’s wonderfully surprising what a bit of kindness can do.

If you’ve read my articles for even a few weeks, you know that my morning routine includes negotiating my way through our local Tim Hortons drive-through to pick up my morning cup of tea (and, I admit, the occasional cookie). Not only do I thoroughly enjoy my tea, I never tire of seeing the special messages written on the cup lid. Sometimes it just says “3 milk” while other times there’s a heart drawn and at other times my name appears beside the heart. Now do you wonder why the tea tastes so good?

Without going into details, my husband’s health is deteriorating and it’s part of my own therapy to go for my regular walk, pick up my tea and then sit down by the ocean to enjoy them and it. Taking care of oneself is essential to caring for others.

The Apostle Paul, imprisoned during the writing of his epistles, exhorted us to cast our cares upon Him and to give thanks in all things. During this time of COVID isolation, above all, let’s be sure to maintain our own spiritual health.

May 10, 2021