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Please don't let us forget
Linda Wegner

November 11, like the rest of 2020, will definitely feel and be different; one thing however, will never cease to be a matter of utmost importance. Remembrance Day.

This time to honour the sacrifices made by so many reaches near-sacred proportions by so many, including me. It was because so many women and men laid down their dreams, their families and even their lives that enabled so many to retain and gain those things and even more.

Never will I forget the stories I’ve heard from my husband’s family of how they lost their father, mother and young brother through physical abuse or starvation. One sister finally escaped captivity in Poland with the help of bullets that “taught” her to swim as she fled to the West. (Nothing like gunfire develops the skills needed to cross a river.) This year just three of those six siblings still live.

That war is over but tension, fighting and hatred still abound. If there was ever a need for prayer and a determination to live at peace with one another, it’s now. Sadly, parts of our world are still torn apart by violence, natural disasters, a world-wide pandemic and so much more. Temples, mosques and churches are destroyed and adherents murdered. I make no apologies for being Christian but to me, that simply reinforces my obligation to live with love towards others. God, help us always remember the cost of anyone living any other way!

During this time of enforced isolation, we all struggle with loneliness while avoiding contact with “someone who might be infected.” In it all let’s never forget what You and so many others have given; may we never stop exhibiting peace in the midst of chaos.

“Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.” (Ephesians)
Nov. 9, 2020