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Surrounded by songs
Linda Wegner

Years ago I found a post card that I posted above my computer and it’s perfect for what I’d like to share this week. Here goes: “A bird does not sing because it has an answer but because it has a song.” (Chinese proverb).

While entering our third month of self-isolation and daily updates as to the number of folks who’ve become infected with Covid-19 or sadly, have passed away from the disease, I’m impressed with the amount of music that’s being generated and shared with our world.

First, there’s the simple instruction to wash our hands often, scrubbing them thoroughly for as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday to You” twice. Whoever thought of associating clean fingernails with a festive cake? Then, again, why not.

From music-rich Italy and across Europe, to Vancouver and Calgary and other parts of Canada, across the U.S.A, and around the world, folks are standing on balconies to sing or play instruments. In other cases, they are uniting through computers to sing solos, duets, trios, or offer renditions from choirs and orchestras. After all, nothing encourages like beautiful music; indeed, there are few things that can relieve the mind, encourage the heart or calm the soul like belting out a song. All of a sudden, it makes perfect sense to sing with exuberance while scrubbing fingers.

The Psalmist David wrote about the blessing of melodies. In fact, the Scriptures and the Psalms in particular, are rich with references to music. In Psalm 32, he pours out his heart to Jehovah for protection and guidance.

“You shall preserve me from trouble, you shall surround me with songs of deliverance.”

We’re not promised immunity from suffering but rather, God’s rich presence through it all. Whatever our circumstances, ranging from Covid-19 to personal pain, we can claim the same promises.
​June 1, 2020