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Time to rejoice
Linda Wegner

Well, this has been a time to remember - although in all honesty, I'd rather forget it. Between getting scammed, losing all records of my email addresses, and being threatened with having to buy a new computer, I've been stressed. On the other hand, it's also been a time of great gratitude and rejoicing. Huh? Here's why.

Although I was scammed by a smooth-talking...I won't say how I'd like to describe him...I cancelled my credit card immediately and no charges had yet been processed. First item for which to give thanks. Then, another salesman at the same store loaded new programs on my current laptop. No new computer purchase required. Second reason for much gratitude and thanksgiving. Then, a referral to our local library's technology resource, resulted in the retrieval of my email when others said it couldn't be done. Yes, I am grateful beyond words. This coming Canadian Thanksgiving Day will be especially significant.

In spite of all those good things, I admit that I've been extremely lonely.

Once highly involved in the community, the churches we've attended over the years and in home-making, I now spend many hours sitting comfortably. Oh, did I forget to mention I'm waiting for knee surgery?

In addition to COVID restrictions, however, caretaking has been added to my wifely duties and frankly, I've been very lonely.

In reading a devotional this morning (I've had this book for decades), the Lord gave me a direct answer: "And when they [His messengers] had come opposite Mysia, they tried to go into Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus did not permit them."

It's not always easy to understand God's dealings with us but this is certain: He can be trusted. Closed doors on open hearts. Here's my prayer: "Teach me to see another door in the very inaction of the hour." Amen.
Sept. 27, 2021