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We're not forgotten
Linda Wegner

In my annual “reading through the Bible in a year”, I’ve been slogging through some tough chapters. In fact, those pages of “so and so begat so and so”, have often caused me to wonder how much spiritual value there is for folks like me. Having said that, an accurate record of leaders, good and bad, attests to the completeness of God’s Word; He doesn’t condone evil but nor does He ignore it!

This week, however, a light went on in my brain and in my heart. While the first 6 chapters of 1 Chronicles list names of “the sons of”, “the brothers of” who “married the daughter of” and so on, I began to take special notice of the interruptions in those lists. Here’s just a couple:

In chapter 4:9 we read that Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory and that You would keep me from evil that I may not cause pain! So, God granted him what he requested.”

In that same book we read the names of so many rulers and descendants who were evil and chose to blaspheme and worship idols, God heard the cries of those people who called out unto Him. “He heeded their prayer because they put their trust in Him…”

I’m not finished reading 1 Chronicles but I expect to find more examples. In the midst of the pandemic, and much political and spiritual unrest, God stepped into my discouragement, totally surprising me by injecting good things.

Phone calls and email from friends, an unexpected visit and beautiful card from new neighbours offering help should we need it and a gift of tomato plants for our garden are just a few things.

We’re not forgotten so let’s seek daily to bless someone else.
May 31, 2021