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Welcome to Words of Worth

Big and little

by Linda Wegner on 05/16/17

These past weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about big and little, large and small and things deemed successful or not, particularly in relation to the matter of their importance. As a member of our local Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, I’m definitely “the little one”. Sitting next to owners of multi-million dollar companies, my successful but tiny home-based business might appear to them as insignificant and yet to me and to the hundreds of other small and home based businesses, we’re far from that. It was a recent visit to my family on the prairies that prompted these reflections. Read more...

Day by day

by Linda Wegner on 05/08/17

It’s been that kind of spring: sun and cloud today, rain yesterday and forecast again for tomorrow. Across our country flooding has reached emergency proportions and out here, at least, even when the sun does shine, it’s accompanied by a nippy breeze. For whatever reason, the seasons seem confused as to when they are supposed to begin and end. Read more...

When he leads

by Linda Wegner on 05/02/17

I admit that in my younger days I secretly wished for a few spectacular displays of God’s leading in my life. You know, something like Balaam being challenged by a donkey (honestly though, there were a couple of times when I could have been associated with that story) but more specifically I confess to wishing that I might be one of those yanked from obscurity into a role of Christian leadership. Read more...

To show my thanks

by Linda Wegner on 04/24/17

Seize the day! Take the opportunity before it’s too late! Never get too old to try something new! All great slogans, if you decide to follow their advice. This week I did. Read more...

Living with integrity

by Linda Wegner on 04/18/17

Over a quarter century ago I resolved to systematically read through the Old Testament books of wisdom, as they are known. Logistically it’s simple: there are 150 chapters in Psalms and 31 chapters in Proverbs so by reading five Psalms and the appropriately dated chapter in Proverbs every day, I am able to read through each book once a month and 12 times a year. Read more...

Words of Worth’s Linda Wegner is a writer specializing in researching and writing book-length histories of organizations and families. Her recent works include a history of BC’s First Credit Union, which recently celebrated its 75th year, and the memoir of a family whose patriarch was a victim of the Holocaust.

As an ordained minister and cancer survivor, Linda knows life’s challenges can be overcome. As a presenter, she weaves wisdom, enthusiasm and humor into every presentation and leaves participants wanting more. Contact her about having a customized presentation or weekend retreat created for your organization.

Linda also has published three of her own books, writes a weekly faith-based newspaper column and is a regular columnist for Country Life in BC, an agriculture-based publication. To learn more, please see About. To order books by Linda Wegner, go to Books.
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Walking the track

There's a stiff breeze today, enough of a wind to ruffle Pacific Ocean waters into a series of white caps out yonder and, I suspect, crashing waves on the shores. Moreover, the wind is strong enough to merit a head covering; up here on the track every breeze and every drop in temperature exaggerates itself. 

​While the weather plays a part in the enjoyment of my now regular morning walk, the benefits I've gained far outweigh the best and the worst that nature throws at me. Since the first day I ventured onto the track above Brooks High School and the time of writing this article, 33 weeks and 2 days have passed into eternity. For me, they've been monumental. Read more...
A Message from Linda Wegner

     It’s been far too long since I updated this website and I decided that today was the day to address my good intentions as well as honour those who take the time to visit Words of Worth.
     As far as my company goes, I’ve basically retired but not to the point of withdrawing my services or giving up my company name and logo. I still have the privilege of writing a weekly column for a number of Saskatchewan weekly newspapers, writing a monthly column for Country Life in BC, 
     British Columbia’s largest agricultural publication and occasionally writing articles for Powell River Living magazine.
     When I first launched Words of Worth (WOW), it was during a difficult period of time following an illness that left my husband unable to work. I am grateful to a friend and soon-to-be colleague, Ron Johnson, who introduced me to what is now OTR Global and to my senior editor, Donna Crothers, for helping me transition into the specialized writing this work required; the years I enjoyed working with the leadership and colleagues in the research and preparation of reports for market investors remains a highlight in my personal and professional life.
     A spin-off from the skills I gained while working as a contractor for OTR Global then enabled me to launch into the preparation of other reports such feasibility and strategic planning projects. As my way of paying it forward, I was able to provide good-paying work to subcontractors who possessed skills in areas I did not have. I look back on all those years with the fondest of memories and a well-established appreciation for the power of teamwork.